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Construction Inspection for Trenchless Rehabilitation

This webcast provides an owner’s and a manufacturer’s perspective explaining why construction inspection is such an important part of the success of any project. It also discuss the inspector’s skill-sets required for a successful trenchless rehabilitation project, and how inspectors can acquire these skill-sets.


Chemical Grouting: Control Infiltration and Sustain Existing Sewer Collection System Assets

This webcast provides information on using chemical grouts and grouting technologies & techniques to stop infiltration in collection systems and sustain existing sewer collection system assets. Topics include:

• I've got a leak! What do I do?

• Fundamentals of inflow/infiltration and the pipe trench system

• How to stop leaks through infiltration repair technologies and techniques

• Specifications and equipment

• How to write an infiltration control specification


Manhole Rehabilitation: Techs & Specs

This webcast discusses the tools you need to perform successful manhole rehabilitation projects.

The first portion of the webcast provides a background in manhole assessment and selection of appropriate rehabilitation technologies. The second portion focuses on design, specifications, and quality. Finally, an overview covers the post-rehabilitation inspection and testing that should be required for various technologies.