Research Studies

Published reports have questioned the safety of emissions from the cured-in-place (CIPP) process when using styrenated resin. Safety is NASSCO’s top priority and we have gone to great lengths to ensure our workers and communities stay healthy through the funding of comprehensive, third-party, objective research.

  • Phase 1

    Study by the Center for Underground Infrastructure Research and Education (CUIRE) found previously published reports to be non-conclusive.

  • Phase 2

    Field studies in a variety of geographic locations -- testing different liner dimensions, conditions, and worker exposure – were conducted by the Trenchless Technology Center at Louisiana Tech University (TTC) and resulted in specific recommendations for refrigeration/storage trucks and emission stacks.

    Report Q&A Webinar
  • Phase 3

    Following recommendations by TTC as a result of the Phase 2 Study on CIPP emissions, NASSCO is funding a third study to better understand CIPP emissions associated with the storage and transport (refrigerated truck) of uncured liners prior to liner installation. Measuring breakthrough times of emissions, the study is expected to be concluded in the Spring of 2022.