NASSCO Standard Bearers

While NASSCO has grown to a power-house organization that advocates for the entire underground infrastructure industry, it was formed by a handful of forward-thinking individuals who saw the need to set standards for the assessment, maintenance and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure and to assure the continued acceptance and growth of trenchless technology. Through the years other individuals have proven their commitment to our mission, making significant contributions to NASSCO through their time, talents and resources. Working in partnership with our friends at Underground Construction Magazine, NASSCO shares the inspirational stories of NASSCO Standard Bearers – both past and present.



2014 David Magill
2014 Jack Doheny
2014 Mike Hogan
2014 Irv Gemora
2015 Jim Raulston
2015 Joan Stone
2015 Marc Anctil
2015 Bill Shook
2015 Gerry Muenchmeyer
2015 Mike Burkhard
2016 Harold Kosova
2016 John Nelson
2016 Ray Bahr, Jr.
2016 Andy Drinkwater
2016 Rudy Fernandez
2016 Greg Laszczynski
2017 Richard Thomason
2017 Rod Thornhill
2017 Marilyn Baron
2017 Mark Metcalf
2017 Marilyn Shepard
2017 Heather Myers
2018 Jeff Tinlin
2018 Philip Wildbore
2018 Ed Kampbell, PE
2018 Steve Mortensen, PE
2018 Brad Dutruch
2019 Larry Kiest
2019 Jack Conte
2019 Tad Powell
2019 Steve Gearhart
2019 Jerry Botts
2019 Ray Bahr, III
2020 Lynn Osborn
2020 Keith Alexander
2020 Luis Leon, PE, BCEE, ENV SP
2020 Kay Doheny
2021 Rizwan Siddiqi