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This webinar addressed some of today's top challenges and solution alternatives for the trenchless repair or replacement of sewer lateral lines.

NASSCO Standard Specification Guidelines for CIPP, Manholes and More

This webinar provides an overview of how the preparation of effective bid specifications are critical to project success. It also provides guidelines to help you prepare quality specifications for trenchless technologies. Both CIPP and Manhole rehabilitation specification guidelines are discussed as we as the importance of performance based specifications. Other specification guidelines are available at nassco.org.


Engineers Turnn to Injection Grouting to Stop Sewer Infiltration

As wastewater utilities struggle to control inflow and infiltration in the sewer infrastructure, engineers are re-examining trenchless solutions to maximize infiltration reduction, minimize costs, and deliver long-term solutions.

Laterals - Assessment, Rehabilitation & Results

Learn about why the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) chose to perform lateral inspections and rehabilitation as well as how they perform this work. Highlights will include lessons learned along the way and how the process was improved as a result of these lessons learned. 

Liquid Assets- Documentary Trailer

Liquid Assets tells the story of essential infrastructure systems: water, wastewater, and stormwater. Out of sight, beneath our feet, these systems are in disrepair across the country. Fixing them may be the largest public works project in our history. 



Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program

The Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP ®) is an international standard that has been used for many years for assessment of pipelines, manholes, and laterals. Since 2002, thousands of people have been PACP certified. 

This webcast highlights the significant changes being made to PACP 6.0.1. As a result of an unprecedented review by over 65 collections professionals, an improved version of PACP ® is underway. PACP ® Version 7.0  (release in May 2015) includes technical updates, educational benefits, and a more user friendly format.

RehabZone Overview

The RehabZone is an exciting live exhibition taking place at the annual Underground Construction Technology (UCT) conference. Complete with a museum-quality, historical display of infrastructure from yesteryear, this dedicated interactive display enables attendees to compare and contrast with current technologies. We’ve come a long way in the past 140 years. This walk-through exhibit focuses on trenchless rehabilitation including innovative technologies, installation techniques, live demonstrations, and opportunities for hands-on technology test-drives.

PACP Preview

Watch this 3 part webinar to get an overview of the Pipeline Assessment & Certification Program.

Introduction to Sewer Cleaning with Jetting Equipment Video

An educational video, to accompany the "Jetter Code of Practice", provides fundamental information about the safe and efficient use of sewer cleaning equipment. It also provides a basic overview of sewer jetting for beginners, and can serve as a reminder of proper and effective practices for the more experienced workers. Operators can choose to view the video in one sitting, or review each section individually.


CIPP Can Be Ugly

CIPP Can Be Ugly!  Take NASSCO's Inspector Training & Certification Program for CIPP to understand what is acceptable and what is not.  View this 5 part webinar!