NASSCO Times, a publication designed to provide the most up-to-date editorial on current trends and issues affecting the sewer system industry. It also offers members the opportunity to reach this highly-qualified community through paid advertising available only to current NASSCO members.

Additionally, our members receive a free publication of their choice valued at up to $400. But it doesn't end there—our members also have the opportunity to receive deeply discounted rates on publications including the Jetter Code of Practic, Drain Repair Book, Manual of Sewer Condition Classification and more!

Another technical resource includes the Trenchless Assessment Guide for Rehabiliation (TAG-R). It is a comprehensive guide designed to evaluate over 80 technology options for pipeline rehabilitation. Click here to take a Technology Test Drive.

The latest addition to our publication library is the Pipeline Infrastructure Renewal and Asset Management Manual which allows you to value, estimate and Manage Your Pipeline Infrastructure Assets.

Interested in the CIPP Emissions Study? Click Here to read the final report for Phase 1. If you have any questions regarding the findings please contact Dr. Mohammad Najafi at CUIRE.

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