Supplemental Education

In addition to our extensive training and vast library of specs, webinars, and other educational tools, NASSCO would like to share with you some additional training opportunities available to you!


Fundamentals in Municipal Grouting

You want to know, to understand, and make a difference. Continuing education and training can be costly, both in terms of budget and time. What you desire is an on-demand resource, online video content you can turn to on your terms—one that doesn’t break the bank.

Fundamentals of Municipal Grouting walks you through 16 modules of videos and intermittent quizzes over the history, the purpose, the technologies and techniques of injection grouting for municipal applications - mainline, manhole, laterals, and connections. View one or all modules - averaging four minutes - knowing you can self-pace 90 minutes of content in one day, one week, one month - with unlimited, complimentary access permitted for 90 days.