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Software certified by PACP (Pipeline Assessment Certification Program) is required to generate and import a standard database file that is fully compatible with PACP. Contractors and system owners across the country have invested in PACP-certified software for data collection. Many of those system owners have taken the additional step of acquiring NASSCO-certified Asset Management software to most effectively use the PACP data collected to project future rehabilitation needs and budgets.

April 2017

For many years, visual inspection was the standard method to verify that a manhole coating application met project specifications and objectives. More recently, the value of performing adhesion testing has been embraced by engineers, owners and inspectors as a tool to evaluate the integrity of the coating system.

February 2017

Robotic cameras utilizing Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) have been used since the 1960s to inspect sewer main lines, but CCTV cameras can only clearly inspect the pipe interior above the water line. Submerged assets such as outfalls, siphons, and force mains have historically been much more difficult to inspect due to the inability to remove these assets from 24/7 service, and due to the technology limitations that hinder a detailed inspection while in service.

December 2016