Manufacturer Specifications


HDPE Insert holding canister of activated carbon to scrub odorous air before exiting manhole

Stainles Steel insert installed under existing Manhole cover to stop surface water inflow

HDPE Plastic insert installed under existing manhole cover to stop surface water inflow

Spray, Spincast or Trowel applied fiber reinforced, fortified Calcium Aluminate Cement based Liner

Spray, Spincast or Trowel applied, fiber reinforced, microsilica enhanced Portland Cement based Liner

A comprehensive guide to manhole rehabilitation products and techniques

Grouting/Joint Sealing

Fast-Reacting dual cartridge urethane grout for stopping leaks up to 50gpm

Hydrophilic Urethane Grout for stopping active infiltration from multiple locations

Hydrophobic Urethane Grout for stopping large volume active infiltration

Spray, Spincast or trowel applied Portland Cement/Microsilica enhanced, fiber reinforced Liner

Fast-set Hydraulic Cement for stopping active infiltration

Spray, Spincast or Trowel applied Portland Cement/Microsilica enhanced Liner

Flexible Epoxy for Sealing Chimneys and Precast Joints

Grouting/Joint Sealing, Manhole

Flexible Joint & Manhole Chimney Seal

Sprayable Microsilica Restoration Mortar

Coatings, Manhole

High Build Epoxy Coating


Digital 3D Wireless Manhole Inspection (CUES)

The City is contracting professional inspection service providers to proactively inspect manholes to determine the detailed condition and to collect data of every notable feature, defect, or other important information.