USL America Group Celebrates with Logiball on receiving the Abbott Most Innovative Product of the Year Award from NASTT

(Conyers, GA –April 26, 2021) With a global purpose to repair, restore, and protect our infrastructure, USL America is proud that Logiball has been recognized for its innovative solutions—specifically the Long Span Grouting Packer.

According to an announcement dated March 30, 2021 at the NASTT No-Dig Show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, the Abbott Innovative Award is granted each year to companies with state-of-the-art products making a significant impact in advancing the trenchless industry in the area of remediation.

Products were judged on Innovation (concept, method, development); Value (need, advantages, cost); and Impact (sustainability, social/environmental responsibility and potential.

The award was given to Logiball, Inc. for its Long Span Grouting Packer which seals and stabilizes surrounding soils where longitudinal cracks & fractures compromise the structural stability of the pipe by eliminating the erosive effects of water infiltration and solidifying the pipe bedding. These custom-made packers are being used by specialty contractors to seal longitudinal cracks and fractures in municipal sewers.  For more information, visit

According to John Taylor, President of USL America Group, “Logiball is a long-standing trenchless technology leader and proven innovator of remotely operated packers—a critical component of the test and seal process.  Endorsements do not come easy or often so its encouraging when others like NASTT see exactly what we believe.”   

About USL America:  Founded in 1981, USL Group of companies are market leaders in the provision of specialist civil engineering and construction solutions. For nearly four decades, USL Group has been at the forefront of cutting-edge resin and cementitious technology, combining high performing innovative products, first class operations, expert technical support and unrivalled customer service. Specializing in expansion joints, structural and liquid waterproofing, construction chemicals, concrete repair systems, injection resins and specialist safety & anti-slip products, USL boasts a comprehensive portfolio of products and a highly developed global network. For more information about USL, visit