CIPP Emissions Study - Responses to Questions on the RFP for Phase 2

CIPP Emissions Study

Responses to Questions on the RFP for Phase 2


May 2018



1. Is the Budget Cost Estimate a cost limit for the price submission in the proposal or just a guideline? 

Response:  The Budget Cost Estimate is a guideline only.


2. Are proposers supposed to suggest six jobsites with resins as indicated in the RFP?

Response: Six jobsites do not need to be identified in the proposal submitted May 25.  It is OK to discuss potential job sites, but not mandatory.


3. What kind of safety training is suggested for working on active CIPP job sites?

Response:  Working on active CIPP job sites will require an OSHA 10 hr card or equivalent.  This can be completed online. 


4. Are the proposers allowed to deviate from the specified scope?

Response: Yes, there can be deviations from the RFP scope.  As said in the RFP, “the research team must come up with their own suggestions”. However, the spirit of the RFP should be maintained. For example:

A. Three sites with different pipe diameters. 

B. Two sites with the same pipe diameter, but different pipe lengths;

Significant deviations from the RPF scope will be considered in review of the proposal.


5. Will there be time extensions granted if the field data is not collected within the specified time?

Response: NASSCO’s goal is to stay on schedule.  However, valid reasons for time extensions will be honored.


6. Can proposers deviate from the specified budget in the RFP?

Response: Yes, you can deviate from the budget given in the RFP.  The RFP budget and budget categories were meant to be guidelines for information only and not meant to be restrictive to proposers in any manner.