HOUSTON, TEXAS (March 5, 2019) – For the first time, municipal stakeholders and engineers can now specify municipal grouting projects for sealing mainline pipe and service laterals performed by a Certified Grout Technician. Beginning in April 2019 the first Grouting Certified Technician course offering will be conducted at Avanti’s headquarters in Webster, TX. The course will certify competence in knowledge of solution grouts, and application of best practices to seal the collection system from infiltration of groundwater, exfiltration of sewerage, and stabilization of the sewer trench from further erosion of supporting soils.

The two-day course titled - Advanced Insitu Grout Chemistry & Best Practices, also known as Level 300 - provides Grout Technicians with both classroom and hands-on lab experiences to better equip decision-making in response to variable conditions such as soil types, temperature extremes, and presence of groundwater.  Day One focuses on the process of injecting a two-component acrylamide grout through pipe joints and defects into supporting soils creates an impermeable seal which stabilizes the sewer trench. With controllable gel-strengths, set-times, and additives that change outcomes, specialized knowledge and skills are necessary. As with any proven remediation technology, execution is everything. Day Two focuses on best practices and will be instructed quarterly by a different guest expert—seasoned with experience.

For our inaugural event, Mr. John Manijak, Services Manager--Midwest for Michels Corporation will be the guest expert. With 20 years injection grouting experience, John has performed as project manager, business development manager and now mentor to dozens of people who report directly to him at Michels. Recognized with the Golden Manhole Award in 2015, Manijak is an active member of CSWEA, APWA, NASSCO, and ICGA (Infiltration Control Grouting.  John has been a popular speaker for many webinars, conferences, and magazine articles on the subject of I&I Control using injection grouting.

Engineering specifications calling for Certified Grout Technicians on every grout truck is going to be the new standard. Specialty contractors providing municipal grouting services will proactively choose to enroll their best Technicians to become certified.  There are necessary prerequisites before attending Advanced Insitu Grout Chemistry & Best Practices:

  • Level 100—Fundamentals of Municipal Grouting – A structured 16-module video series with intermittent quizzes over the history, the purpose, the technologies and techniques of injection grouting for municipal applications - mainline, manhole, laterals, and connections: municipalgrouting.com.  
  • Level 200 – Municipal Sewer Grout School – two-day school focusing on the mechanics of grouting. Avanti requires certification on Safe Operating Practices Program. In the last three years, 290 participants have received Certificates of

    Achievement as well as certification on Avanti required Safe Operating Practices Program (SOPP). For course listings visit: avantigrout.com/news-events/events
  • Level 300 - Advanced Insitu Grout Chemistry & Best Practices

If execution is everything, education is the way forward, and certification is the validation owners and engineers require, enabling product and service warranty statements in their project specification. 

To find out more about the Level 300 course, contact Avanti International at 800.877.2570 or [email protected].

About Avanti

Avanti International is a leading producer and provider of injection grouts for municipal, industrial and geotechnical applications. The company’s products are used worldwide in applications to stop water infiltration, stabilize soil and control groundwater. Since its founding in 1978, Avanti continues to research, develop and perfect new solutions for the industry. More information can be found at http://www.avantigrout.com/.