Manhole Assessment (MACP)

In response to industry demand NASSCO has developed a program for the coding of defects within manholes. Recognizing that manholes are much more complex structures than pipe has made the task somewhat more challenging. However, we believe the results will be very helpful to those who need to have a reliable and consistent manhole evaluation system.

In the latest version of the Manhole Assessment and Certification Program (MACP), NASSCO has developed two inspection protocols to better meet the needs of utility owners. The level 1 inspection provides basic condition assessment information to evaluate the general condition of a manhole. The purpose of the level 2 inspection is to gather detailed information to fully document all defects, determine condition of the manhole, and provide the specific information needed to recommend corrective action. MACP uses the established defect coding system found in the Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP) to the extent possible. We have also tried to incorporate as much of the ASCE manhole standards as possible while maintaining the form and style of the PACP.

PACP certification is a prerequisite, and MACP certification follows the PACP expiration date.


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