Laterals - Assessment, Rehabilitation & Results

Learn about why the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) chose to perform lateral inspections and rehabilitation as well as how they perform this work. Highlights will include lessons learned along the way and how the process was improved as a result of these lessons learned. 

Service lateral connection lining is a unique and emerging rehabilitation product that is rapidly becoming a commonplace recommendation for removing infiltration from defective service laterals and/or their connections’ to the mainline pipe. However, there are many different products available in the marketplace that must first be evaluated to ensure that the proper product is being recommended. There are a myriad of options one must consider when recommending service lateral connection lining for rehabilitation programs. Gain valuable working knowledge on how to make product decisions and ask the important questions when evaluating the feasibility of service lateral connection lining options and deciding what type of service lateral connection liner to recommend for their application.

Speakers include: 

Shawn Peters, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission 

Jonathan Kunay, P.E. – CDM Smith

Jason Waterbury, P.E. - Metropolitan District Commission