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For Who? How Much? What?
Contractors $500.00 Companies engaged in a combination of technical services associated with inspection, monitoring, surveying, analysis, cleaning, grouting, robotics, renewal and rehabilitation of underground piping and conduits. This membership type includes up to 5 individuals.
Manufacturers and Suppliers $500.00 Companies engaged in manufacturing or supplying equipment, materials, or supplies to the industry that does not meet the requirements for the Contractor Member. This membership type includes up to 5 individuals.
Consultants $295.00 Companies engaged in civil engineering, consulting services, technical advice, and/or surveying. This membership type includes up to 3 individuals.
Public Agencies $295.00 Government agencies and entities engaged in public municipal works. This membership type includes up to 3 individuals.
Other Organizations $250.00 Educational Institutions, associations, media, interest groups and other organizations not covered in the other membership categories. This membership type includes up to 3 individuals.
Individuals $90.00 An individual who is an employee of an educational institution or government agency that is not a NASSCO member.
Sub-Users $50.00 An employee of a current NASSCO member that would like to be added to a company that has exceeded the amount of individuals included with membership.

*ICGA division membership may be added while completing the membership application – fee applies depending on company type.

Note: Membership runs from January-December, so pro-ration applies to new applicants. All applications have to be reviewed by the Board and upon approval, payment must be received to activate membership.

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NASSCO is an impartial organization which serves all facets of the sewer service industry. Whether you join one of our influential committees, provide standards for the industry, network with your peers or participate in our many training programs, you will be an integral part of helping us set industry standards. While we encourage new members to join, it is critical that we keep our membership base as pure as possible so that the issues important to this industry remain the primary focus. As a result, in order to qualify for NASSCO membership, you must demonstrate your involvement in the sewer service industry through your work as a contractor, public agency, engineer, manufacturer or supplier. If you fall into one of these categories, you will quickly realize the benefits of NASSCO membership, and we welcome you to join us.