RehabZone Committee

The RehabZone Committee coordinates a “no sales” informational and educational exhibit of technologies in conjunction with the annual UCT Conference.

2019-2020 Committee Goals:

  1. Variation (get unrepresented techs) and simplification of samples – also incorporate a check in and check out process
  2. Fix Inliner Crate
  3. Finish rebranding - Roll up banners; hanging sign
  4. Purchase larger TVs
  5. Rehabilitation Exploration
  6. Trivia/Happy Hour
  7. Increase sponsorship by 15%
Committee Chair:
Co-Chair: Andy Rothenberg [email protected]

Software Vendor Committee

This committee meets and works with all software vendors to establish and implement uniform programs that incorporate PACP/MACP/LACP.  This group also reviews revisions from time to time and makes adjustments and recommends amendments, as necessary. 

2019-2020 Committee Goals:

  1. Include data dictionary with PACP manual to reduce discrepancies
  2. Look at certification levels – Asset management software, import only, pendant software, mobile apps, exchange database format: access vs. xml, sqlLite)
  3. Resolve import process issues of previous version to current version (for applicable vendors)
Committee Chair: Ronnie Flannery-Guy [email protected]
Co-Chair: Mike Russin [email protected]

Workforce Development Committee

A recently-formed NASSCO Committee designed to fill the skilled trade gap through the promotion of underground infrastructure careers to young professionals, veterans, and other groups.

2019-2020 Committee Goals:

  1. This Committee will set goals during the 2020 Annual Conference.
Committee Chair: Tim Vivian [email protected]
Co-Chair: Kay Doheny [email protected]