RehabZone Committee

The RehabZone Committee coordinates a “no sales” informational and educational exhibit of technologies in conjunction with the annual UCT Conference.

2020-2021 Committee Goals:



Committee Chair: Clayton P Muenchmeyer

Software Vendor Committee

This committee meets and works with all software vendors to establish and implement uniform programs that incorporate PACP/MACP/LACP.  This group also reviews revisions from time to time and makes adjustments and recommends amendments, as necessary. 

2020-2021 Committee Goals:

  1. Update and publish PACP® software certification level policies
  2. Continue review of current PACP® import/export data exchange in preparation for Version 8
  3. Implement SQL Lite for exchange of PACP® data to accommodate small, portable cameras that are not currently supported by Access database
  4. Develop partnerships with asset management software vendors
Committee Chair: Mike Russin
Co-Chair: James Burn

Workforce Development Committee

A recently-formed NASSCO Committee designed to fill the skilled trade gap through the promotion of underground infrastructure careers to young professionals, veterans, and other groups.

2020-2021 Committee Goals:

  1. Produce a video promoting the need to develop a strong workforce and fill the skilled trades gap for the underground construction industry
  2. Develop relationships with SkillsUSA State Directors to understand acceptance of curriculum for trenchless rehabilitation technicians
  3. Partner with SkillsUSA to use existing apprenticeship programs as a guide for a working curriculum for trenchless rehabilitation technicians
  4. Begin development of course content for SkillsUSA trenchless rehabilitation technician program
Committee Chair: Tim Vivian
Co-Chair: Kay Doheny