Government Relations Committee

This group monitors local, state and federal legislation, grant programs and requirements that affect the business opportunities of NASSCO members.  It also identifies ways in which NASSCO can collaborate with other organizations.

2019-2020 Committee Goals:

  1. Increase GAC member external engagement
  2. Increase GAC Participation
  3. Increase utilization of Sewer System Heroes   
  4. Update/review policy recommendations document
  5. Keep members informed of critical policy issues
Committee Chair: Jon Sickels [email protected]
Co-Chair: Chase Dehne [email protected]

Grouting Committee

NASSCO’s Grouting Committee, also known as ICGC, educates sewer engineers and owners about this unique and highly versatile process and promotes chemical grouting as a safe, economical and effective means to reduce groundwater infiltration into sewer collection systems.

2019-2020 Committee Goals:

  1. Complete web site update
  2. Finish draft of ITCP Manual
  3. Finish Specification Update
  4. Write a “white paper” regarding the Grout Test Cell research findings
Committee Chair: Marc A. Anctil [email protected]
Co-Chair: John Manijak [email protected]

Health & Safety Committee

The purpose of this committee is to develop and or update safety manuals and other NASSCO documents provide NASSCO members with the latest in health and safety requirements as required by local state and federal regulatory agencies. 

2019-2020 Committee Goals:

  1. CIPP Safety Guideline
  2. Safety Related Videos styrene education (possible series of videos – technical details of styrene, how to measure, equipment used, etc.), confined space setup/teardown, jetter hose repair/education
  3. Safety Manual Template re-package to make available to members
  4. Formulate proposals for the next cycle of plumbing code development
Committee Chair: Tad Powell [email protected]
Co-Chair: Kyle Dehne [email protected]

Infrastructure Condition Assessment Committee

Members of this committee aid NASSCO in the evolution of the condition assessment of sewer infrastructure. They also recommend technical programs that educate and encourage participation by owners, engineers and operators resulting in nationally endorsed standards. 

2019-2020 Committee Goals:

  1. Promote the MOP and Crossbore Guidelines Industry-Wide
  2. Continue to compile updates to PACP including the Condition Grades
  3. Continue work on the Canadian PACP Edition.
  4. New work group to evaluate PACP Condition Grades needed to add for water main/pressure pipe inspections.  
  5. Possible Introduction to PACP Class 
  6. Continue to present at conferences; write articles in Industry magazines

Condition Grades Workgroup

  1. Keep tallying the list of recommended updates and improvements to the Condition Grades for the next PACP version
Committee Chair: Michelle Beason [email protected]
Co-Chair: Jerry Weimer [email protected]

International Relations Committee

The International Relations Committee promotes education and professionalism in underground infrastructure assessment and rehabilitation by becoming aware of Latin American (and other international) market demands while expanding NASSCO membership benefits and training to other countries.

2019-2020 Committee Goals: 

  1. Help change Bogota from a customized standard to PACP
  2. Look for 1-2 more PACP trainers for the Central and South America region
  3. Deliver an in-house PACP course to the city of Bogota that includes key engineers and operators
  4. Extend the agreement between NASSCO and CISTT in this region
  5. Complete translation of the PACP v7 manual after 7.0.4 is ready to be translated
  6. Complete metric version of PACP
  7. Resolve cable calibration for Canadian-specific conditions – May be an appendix
Committee Chair: Luis R. Leon [email protected]
Co-Chair: Carlos A. Munera [email protected]

Lateral Rehabilitation Committee

This group develops industry standards and specifications along with the overview of all rehabilitation processes that promote the use of technologies for lateral rehabilitation with high levels of quality assurance/quality control. 

2019-2020 Committee Goals:

  1. Make our documentation in line.
  2. Spreading the word 

Plumbing Code Workgroup

  1. Successfully change UPC Section 715.3 to allow CIPP in cast iron pipe
  2. Monitor and take action when necessary with plumbing code models and adopted/amended codes in local jurisdictions as it relates to Trenchless methodology
  3. Prepare educational tools on trenchless applications for lateral rehabilitation regulated by plumbing codes.  Submit for use/presentation within plumbing education forums and code development organizations.
  4. Formulate proposals for the next cycle of plumbing code development
Committee Chair: Jason Walborn [email protected]
Co-Chair: Carl Marc-Aurele [email protected]

Manhole Rehabilitation Committee

The significant amount of manhole rehabilitation in the industry has necessitated the establishment of this committee, Manhole Rehabilitation, which is responsible for developing standards for manhole assessment and rehabilitation.

2019-2020 Committee Goals:

  1. UCT 2020 Manhole Rehab Track 
  2. Spec update to CSI Format
  3. ITCP Manhole Rehab
  4. Re-establish Workgroup (sub-committee) on ASCE MOP 92 Design Chapter and review/finalize MOP 92 for submission to ASCE PINs committee
Committee Chair: Don Rigby [email protected]
Co-Chair: Rocky Capehart [email protected]

Operations and Maintenance Committee

This committee's purpose is to promote safety and knowledge by education of processes, equipment and tools for industry-specific tasks.

2019-2020 Committee Goals:

Jetter Code of Practice Workgroup

  1. Draft of Jetter Manual by September 1, 2019
Committee Chair: Jerry Weimer [email protected]
Co-Chair: David Hamberlin [email protected]

Pipe Rehab Committee

To promote the use of all Pipe Rehab technologies for industry applications. Review general matters concerning the industry including legislative, technical and quality issues. Provide support for and work with the NASSCO staff and Board to promote programs that educate the public on pipe rehab issues and benefits. Develop and support programs.

2019-2020 Committee Goals:

  1. Specifications:
    1. Overall CIPP Specification
    2. Spiral wound Specification
    3. Fiberglass Reinforced Specification

CIPP Workgroup

  1. To monitor the progress of CIPP emissions testing and emissions related incidents.
Committee Chair: Brendan Doyle [email protected]
Co-Chair: Bill Moore [email protected]

Pressure Pipe Committee

This committee is responsible for researching current tools and techniques of pressure pipe assessment and rehabilitation, with a goal to establish standards to assess and rehabilitate force mains and water lines.

2019-2020 Committee Goals:

  1. UCT article series (Sept, Oct, Nov)
    1. Ongoing Evolution of Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation
    2. Post-Rehabilitation Operation and Maintenance
    3. Integrating Lessons Learned into the Development of Specifications
  2. UCT technical track (3 to 3.5-hr duration)  – topics based on article series above
  3. Pressure pipe overview document
  4. Create a pressure pipe inspection workgroup
  5. Draft specification guidelines (testing requirements)
Committee Chair: Joanne Carroll [email protected]
Co-Chair: David Kozman [email protected]