Asset Management Committee

This committee works in coordination with the Infrastructure Condition Assessment Committee, WERF, and other organizations to facilitate the use of PACP, MACP and LACP into an asset management program for sewer and stormwater providers.

Committee Chair: Jim Harris, Jr. [email protected]
Co-Chair: Ed Carpenetti [email protected]

Government/Industry Relations Committee

This group monitors local, state and federal legislation, grant programs and requirements that affect the business opportunities of NASSCO members.  It also identifies ways in which NASSCO can collaborate with other organizations.

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Committee Chair: Jon Sickels [email protected]
Co-Chair: Chase Dehne [email protected]

Health & Safety Committee

The purpose of this committee is to develop and or update safety manuals and other NASSCO documents provide NASSCO members with the latest in health and safety requirements as required by local state and federal regulatory agencies. 

Committee Chair: Tad Powell [email protected]
Co-Chair: Kyle Dehne [email protected]

Infrastructure Condition Assessment Committee

Members of this committee aid NASSCO in the evolution of the condition assessment of sewer infrastructure. They also recommend technical programs that educate and encourage participation by owners, engineers and operators resulting in nationally endorsed standards. 


Committee Chair: Michelle Beason [email protected]

International Relations Committee

The International Relations Committee promotes education and professionalism in underground infrastructure assessment and rehabilitation by becoming aware of Latin American (and other international) market demands while expanding NASSCO membership benefits and training to other countries. 

Committee Chair: Luis R. Leon [email protected]
Co-Chair: Carlos A. Munera [email protected]

Lateral Rehabilitation Committee

This group develops industry standards and specifications along with the overview of all rehabilitation processes that promote the use of technologies for lateral rehabilitation with high levels of quality assurance/quality control. 

Committee Chair: Jason Walborn [email protected]
Co-Chair: Carl Marc-Aurele [email protected]

Manhole Rehabilitation Committee

The significant amount of manhole rehabilitation in the industry has necessitated the establishment of this committee, Manhole Rehabilitation, which is responsible for developing standards for manhole assessment and rehabilitation.

Committee Chair: Craig S. Gaul [email protected]
Co-Chair: Kathy Romans [email protected]

Membership and Marketing Committee

This Committee provides peer-review input to NASSCO’s internal membership and marketing initiatives during bi-monthly web-based meetings. Committee members also share ideas, communication platforms to convey the benefits of NASSCO membership throughout the year, and help identify sources for case studies and other newsworthy articles for development and placement by NASSCO’s PR team.

Committee Chair: Don Rigby [email protected]
Co-Chair: Sheila Joy [email protected]

Nominating Committee

This committee is Board appointed and is tasked with NASSCO succession planning.

Committee Chair: Kay Doheny [email protected]

Operations and Maintenance Committee

This committee's purpose is to promote safety and knowledge by education of processes, equipment and tools for industry specific tasks.

Committee Chair: Joe Schotthoefer [email protected]
Co-Chair: Jerry Weimer [email protected]