Government Relations Committee

This group monitors local, state and federal legislation, grant programs and requirements that affect the business opportunities of NASSCO members.  It also identifies ways in which NASSCO can collaborate with other organizations.

2020-2021 Committee Goals:

  1. Stay abreast of federal and state activity that impacts the funding of underground infrastructure and respond/react proactively
  2. Plan and coordinate NASSCO Capitol Hill Day (pending lifted travel restrictions)
  3. Review and update NASSCO Water Infrastructure Policy Recommendations document and video
  4. Coordinate with NASSCO’s Infrastructure Condition Assessment Committee on advancing NASSCO’s Cross Bore Policy Recommendations on the state level
Committee Chair: Jon Sickels
Co-Chair: Chase Dehne

Grouting Committee

NASSCO’s Grouting Committee, also known as ICGC, educates sewer engineers and owners about this unique and highly versatile process and promotes chemical grouting as a safe, economical and effective means to reduce groundwater infiltration into sewer collection systems.

2020-2021 Committee Goals:

  1. Work with NASSCO’s Technical Advisory Council to fund third-party research on Grouting materials
  2. Develop “Pipeline Grouting for Capital Pipe Rehabilitation” Specification Guideline
  3. Revise 2014 Specification Guideline and rename it “Pipeline Grouting for Maintenance and Pre-Rehabilitation of Sewer Lines”
  4. Develop curriculum for ITCP® - Grouting
  5. Write and publish a white paper on Grout Test Cell research findings
  6. Provide NASSCO staff with content (photos and videos) to produce a generic video on Grouting technology
Committee Chair: Marc A. Anctil
Co-Chair: John Manijak

Health & Safety Committee

The purpose of this committee is to develop and or update safety manuals and other NASSCO documents provide NASSCO members with the latest in health and safety requirements as required by local state and federal regulatory agencies. 

2020-2021 Committee Goals:

  1. Support all NASSCO Committees and Technical Advisory Council, as needed, to make health and safety NASSCO’s number one priority
  2. Continue to monitor COVID-19 and update NASSCO members and the industry through website updates, social media and other communications
  3. Develop next in the series of NASSCO safety videos:
    1.  Styrene Monitoring Equipment
    2. Confined Space Entry for Manholes
  4. Promote and distribute NASSCO’s Health and Safety Manual Template
  5. Work with NASSCO staff to provide edits to ITCP®-CIPP content that is related to low pressure air testing of pipes and other health and safety issues, as identified
  6. Support NASSCO’s CIPP Safety Workgroup, stay abreast of new studies and address how findings may affect the health and safety of workers and communities
  7. Complete and publish updated “Guideline for the Safe Use and Handling of Styrene-Based Resins in Cured-in-Place Pipe”
Committee Chair: Tad Powell
Co-Chair: Kyle Dehne

Infrastructure Condition Assessment Committee

Members of this committee aid NASSCO in the evolution of the condition assessment of sewer infrastructure. They also recommend technical programs that educate and encourage participation by owners, engineers and operators resulting in nationally endorsed standards. 

2020-2021 Committee Goals:

  1. Update NASSCO’s PACP® QA/QC document
  2. Support Government Relations Committee in building awareness among state representatives for NASSCO Cross Bore Policy Recommendations
  3. Work with NASSCO staff to finalize PACP® 7.0.4 Revision to include metrics and other updates
  4. Develop strategic plan and timeline for release of PACP® Version 8 to include condition grades, pressure pipe codes, and other revisions
  5. Produce three new educational videos:
    • PACP® Overview
    • Introduction to PACP®
    • PACP® for Asset Management
  6. Finalize Pressure Pipe Codes for PACP®
Committee Chair: Michelle Beason
Co-Chair: Jerry Weimer

International Relations Committee

The International Relations Committee promotes education and professionalism in underground infrastructure assessment and rehabilitation by becoming aware of Latin American (and other international) market demands while expanding NASSCO membership benefits and training to other countries.

2020-2021 Committee Goals: 

  1. Work with NASSCO staff and legal counsel to develop an international business policy
  2. Work with NASSCO staff and WRc and other organizations to develop a strategic plan for international growth of NASSCO training programs, including expansion in South and Central America
  3. Complete translation of PACP® 7.0.4 Revision into Spanish
  4. Begin translation of NASSCO/WEF MOP into Spanish
Committee Chair: Luis R. Leon
Co-Chair: Carlos A. Munera

Lateral Rehabilitation Committee

This group develops industry standards and specifications along with the overview of all rehabilitation processes that promote the use of technologies for lateral rehabilitation with high levels of quality assurance/quality control. 

2020-2021 Committee Goals:

  1. Prepare and deliver an industry-wide educational webinar on the topic of Lateral Ownership
  2. Continue to monitor plumbing codes to ensure all trenchless technologies are protected
  3. Develop a guideline for procedures to be followed by plumbers when CCTV inspecting the private side of sewer laterals. This inspection is typically performed during a real estate transaction
  4. Develop a guideline for municipalities/owners to follow when recommending repair/rehabilitation of the private side of sewer laterals
  5. Support content development of NASSCO/UESI Manual of Practice.
Committee Chair: Jason Walborn
Co-Chair: Carl Marc-Aurele

Manhole Rehabilitation Committee

The significant amount of manhole rehabilitation in the industry has necessitated the establishment of this committee, Manhole Rehabilitation, which is responsible for developing standards for manhole assessment and rehabilitation.

2020-2021 Committee Goals:

  1. Provide support to the Society of Protective Coatings (SSPC) in the development of the NACE Manhole Certified Technician Program
  2. Submit paper on overview of MOP92 for consideration in presentation at ASCE Pipeline 2021 Workshop
  3. Work with NASSCO’s Infrastructure Condition Assessment Workgroup to update MACP® training and manual content to include atypical structures
  4. Work with NASSCO staff to update the ITCP® Manhole Rehabilitation training and manual content
Committee Chair: Don Rigby
Co-Chair: Rocky Capehart

Operations and Maintenance Committee

This committee's purpose is to promote safety and knowledge by education of processes, equipment and tools for industry-specific tasks.

2020-2021 Committee Goals:

  1. Update the 2010 Smoke Testing Performance Specification Guideline for Sanitary Sewer
  2. Develop Quick Reference Guides on technologies including level sensors, area velocity sensors and laser/lidar profiling
  3. Work with NASSCO staff to update ITCP® training and manual content
  4. Develop a standard to address sags in different types of pipe
Committee Chair: Jerry Weimer
Co-Chair: David Hamberlin

Pipe Rehab Committee

To promote the use of all Pipe Rehab technologies for industry applications. Review general matters concerning the industry including legislative, technical and quality issues. Provide support for and work with the NASSCO staff and Board to promote programs that educate the public on pipe rehab issues and benefits. Develop and support programs.

2020-2021 Committee Goals:

  1. Finalize update of the 2017 Cured-in-Place Pipe Specification Guideline
  2. Develop a Specification Guideline for Spiral Wound Pipe Rehabilitation technology
  3. Finalize development of a Specification Guideline for Fiber Reinforced Polymer Pipe Rehabilitation
  4. Develop a Specification Guideline for Geopolymer/Concrete Pipe Rehabilitation
  5. CIPP Safety Workgroup to support Phase 3 of CIPP emission safety study with the Trenchless Technology Center at Louisiana Tech (TTC)
  6. Provide NASSCO staff with content (photos and videos) to produce a generic video on CIPP technology
Committee Chair: Brendan Doyle
Co-Chair: Bill Moore

Pressure Pipe Committee

This committee is responsible for researching current tools and techniques of pressure pipe assessment and rehabilitation, with a goal to establish standards to assess and rehabilitate force mains and water lines.

2020-2021 Committee Goals:

  1. Develop an overview document on Pressure Pipe technology
  2. Prepare and deliver an industry-wide educational webinar on pressure pipe rehabilitation
  3. Develop a Specification Guideline for the rehabilitation of pressure pipelines using CIPP
Committee Chair: Joanne Carroll
Co-Chair: David Kozman