NASSCO is an association that brings together professionals dedicated to evaluating and repairing sewers. Our members combine their practical experience and technical expertise in a non-competitive environment to set standards and make sure work is done right.  NASSCO addresses issues quickly while also providing training, networking, and committee participation opportunities. Even one member can make a positive impact on the entire sewer industry.

NASSCO is committed to setting industry standards for the assessment, maintenance and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure, and to assure the continued acceptance and growth of trenchless technologies.

Strategic Plan Summary


To set industry standards for the assessment, maintenance and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure, and to assure the continued acceptance and growth of trenchless technologies.


To increase the awareness of aging underground infrastructure and to provide viable solutions through education, technical resources and industry advocacy.

Core Values

  • ADAPTABILITY - We creatively utilize all available tools and resources to accomplish whatever needs to get done, and help each other out whenever possible.
  • CAMARADERIE - We enjoy the work we do because of the fun and friendly culture, open communication and transparency among NASSCO’s staff, Board of Directors and members.
  • EFFICIENCY - We are hard-working, confident and resourceful professionals who organize our time well to drive results.
  • FAIRNESS - We are inclusive, valuing honesty and integrity above all else while humbling ourselves when we make mistakes.
  • KNOWLEDGE - We confidently and reliably serve as the trusted source of information for trenchless technologies and industry resources.
  • SUPPORT - We work as a dependable, capable team that partners with individuals and organizations to find solutions through a spirit of deep appreciation for other’s contributions.


Focus Areas

Quality Training & Technical Resources

Create and promote industry standards, to include training and other technical resources, with cooperation from like-minded associations to improve the success & growth of trenchless technologies

  • Improve quality and accessibility of training materials for the Pipeline Assessment & Certification Program (PACP) and the Inspector Training & Certification Program (ITCP).
  • Develop relevant and high quality online training courses
  • Update existing and complete new technical manuals and standards to raise the bar for the industry
  • Build relationships with academia to include TTC (Louisiana Tech), CUIRE (University of Texas, Arlington), and others

Industry Advocacy & Growth

Promote the use of trenchless technologies, and improve the success rate of trenchless technologies through education and advocacy

  • Maintain and build productive relationships with WEF, ASCE Pipelines, and other Professional Associations to strengthen the industry
  • Provide members with an awareness of issues relating to government funding or buried infrastructure and facilitate member involvement issues that impact industry growth.
  • Provide educational opportunities through webinars, Education Day at WWETT, Technical Workshops, Technical Day at the Annual Conference and other opportunities
  • Establish an Apprenticeship Program through US DOL to reduce costs associated with hiring new employees with no experience
  • Execute an aggressive marketing plan (to include Case Studies, Articles, Tech Tips, etc.) to reach municipalities, engineers and others who would benefit from standards to improve and increase the use of trenchless technologies

Operational Efficiency

Establish tools and processes to efficiently disseminate information and offer the best service possible to the industry

  • Improve NASSCO’s data management and website tools to facilitate better service and resources for the membership,  the individuals that we train  and to the industry in general
  • Evaluate NASSCO staffing and board structure to better serve our clients and grow the organization



NASSCO was formed in 1976 with one goal in mind: To improve the success rate of everyone involved in the pipeline rehabilitation industry through education, technical resources, and industry advocacy. During our nearly 40 year history we have made great strides, but our work is never done. We are constantly researching, evaluating and developing new methods to train our members and educate them about the importance of properly rehabilitated underground utilities. But we also learn from our valued members. Through our strong networking base, our members are an important resource as they openly share real-life experiences which, in the end, help us all.

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