Infrastructure Condition Assessment Committee

Members of this committee aid NASSCO in the evolution of the condition assessment of sewer infrastructure. They also recommend technical programs that educate and encourage participation by owners, engineers and operators resulting in nationally endorsed standards. 

2020-2021 Committee Goals:

  1. Update NASSCO’s PACP® QA/QC document
  2. Support Government Relations Committee in building awareness among state representatives for NASSCO Cross Bore Policy Recommendations
  3. Work with NASSCO staff to finalize PACP® 7.0.4 Revision to include metrics and other updates
  4. Develop strategic plan and timeline for release of PACP® Version 8 to include condition grades, pressure pipe codes, and other revisions
  5. Produce three new educational videos:
    • PACP® Overview
    • Introduction to PACP®
    • PACP® for Asset Management
  6. Finalize Pressure Pipe Codes for PACP®
Committee Chair: 
Michelle Beason
Committee Co-Chair: 
Jerry Weimer