Infrastructure Condition Assessment Committee

Members of this committee aid NASSCO in the evolution of the condition assessment of sewer infrastructure. They also recommend technical programs that educate and encourage participation by owners, engineers and operators resulting in nationally endorsed standards. 

2019-2020 Committee Goals:

  1. Promote the MOP and Crossbore Guidelines Industry-Wide
  2. Continue to compile updates to PACP including the Condition Grades
  3. Continue work on the Canadian PACP Edition.
  4. New work group to evaluate PACP Condition Grades needed to add for water main/pressure pipe inspections.  
  5. Possible Introduction to PACP Class 
  6. Continue to present at conferences; write articles in Industry magazines

Condition Grades Workgroup

  1. Keep tallying the list of recommended updates and improvements to the Condition Grades for the next PACP version
Committee Chair: 
Michelle Beason
Committee Co-Chair: 
Jerry Weimer