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Overview of Lateral and Main/Lateral Connection Lining and Sealing Technologies
The intent of this document is to provide information to the public on lateral rehabilitation and sealing options. In some areas, the use of lateral lining and sealing technologies are not specified in plumbing codes. These codes did not anticipate the use of lining or grouting for lateral pipes, resulting in the only alternative being costly excavations and disruption to private property and the public.

The Role of Chemical Grouting in Wastewater Systems
How to Reduce I&I and PreventStructural Damage with Intelligent Use of Chemical Grout


NASSCO is pleased to offer the following Specification as a service to our industry. In order to gain access to the Guidelines in word , you must login above as a member. These Guidelines have been prepared by NASSCO and have been peer reviewed by a committee consisting of Suppliers, Installers, Engineers, and System Owners. It is our hope that you will use these guidelines as a reference point from which you will apply your own engineering judgments as project specific details are considered. It is our intent to add to but not replace the valuable input from professional engineers and experienced contractors while advancing the trenchless technology experience.

Manufacturer's Specifications

This handy guide contains sample specification and is full of invaluable information on the installation and rehabilitation of pipelines and manholes as provided by NASSCO Members. Click here to access specifications

Other Guidelines

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Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Lateral Seals- Guideline Specification

Guideline Specification for Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Lateral Seals - October 2016

Pipe Condition Assessment Using CCTV- Guideline Specification

Guideline Specification for Pipe Condition Assessment Using CCTV - October 2014

Sewer Pipe Cleaning- Guideline Specification

Guideline Specification for Sewer Pipe Cleaning - November 2014

Pressure Pipe- Guideline Matrix for Selection of Pressure Pipe Assessment Technologies

Pressure Pipe Guideline Matrix - 2016

Smoke Testing- Guideline Specification and Data Dictionary

Specification Guideline for Smoke Testing Materials & Procedures to be Used in the Investigation of Sanitary Sewer Facilities - December 2010

Data Dictionary - December 2010

Pipe Bursting Gravity Sewer Mains with HDPE

Specification for Pipe Bursting Gravity Sewer Mains with HDPE - January 2013

Cured in Place Pipe- Guideline Specification

Guideline Specification for the Installation of Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) - June 2011

Folded Pipe- Guideline Specification

Guideline Specification for the Installation of Folded (Thermoplastic) Pipe (FP), (HDPE, PVC and PVC Type A) - August 2006

Manhole Rehabilitation- Guideline Specification

Guideline Specification for Manhole Rehabilitation- December 2013

Suggested Standard Specification for Pressure Testing and Grouting

Pressure Testing and Grouting of Sewer Pipe Joints, Laterals and Lateral Connections using the Packer Method with Solution Grouts- January 2014