NASSCO was formed in 1976 with one goal in mind: To improve the success rate of everyone involved in the pipeline rehabilitation industry through education, technical resources, and industry advocacy. During our 30-year history we have made great strides, but our work is never done. We are constantly researching, evaluating and developing new methods to train our members and educate them about the importance of properly rehabilitated underground utilities. But we also learn from our valued members. Through our strong networking base, our members are an important resource as they openly share real-life experiences which, in the end, help us all.

Strategic Plan Summary

With our mission in mind, we established our strategic plan. Click here to view the summary document.


Executive Director: Ted DeBoda, PE

Operations Manager: Heather Myers

Administrative Assistant/Program Coordinator: Dawn Jaworski

Administrative Assistant: Kathie Lloyd

Technical Director: Lynn Osborn

Public Relations/Marketing: Sheila Joy


In our more than 35 year history, NASSCO has had great leaders that have guided and molded us into what we are today. Thank you to all who have contributed their time, talents and efforts either as a member of the Board, as Executive Director or as a Committee Member!

Past Presidents 1976-2014

Past Executive Directors 1976-present